"That's my time"

is a comedy show comprising of experimental, radical, and somewhat unorthodox stand-up comedy from pro and veteran comics. All pushing the boundaries of what is or isn't funny, with respect to art, culture, or society. The comics are encouraged to push boundaries, taboo/triggering topics & subjects, all while maintaining the aesthetic of comedic innovation even thru initial unacceptability.


Do not attend if you are easily offended, or generally do not understand that stand-up comedy as art is the attempt at finding the funny. Sometimes the first, second and even third time you try a "bit", it isn't there yet. This show allows comic the space to try almost anything.


There is no complaints department, there is no booking department, no one to complain to in order to cancel an act. If you don't like the show,

leave or turn it off.


Tuesday September 28th's line up: Dame Fk, Luke Chiltern, Sarah Speere, Alex Haddow, Andrew Mensah + more!